Acam 2-Wire IP+PoE

Simultaneously Transmit & Receive Ethernet with PoE Power over any 2-wire cable such as Coax cable or Twisted Pair


–     Ethernet and PoE Power over 2-wires
–     Plug and Play Installation
–     PoE transmission over 500m
–     Bandwidth up to 500Mbps
–     Compact Design

The Acam AIPCC-POE simultaneously receives Ethernet and transmits Power over any 2-wire cable such as Coaxial, Twisted Pair, Cat5 etc.

The maximum PoE distance is up to 500m and bandwidth supported is up to 500Mbps.

Can be used as a pair to transmit / receive single channels, or in conjunction with our 4Ch Rack Mount PDU Hub for Multi-Channel convenience.

(Supplied as single units)

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