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How artificial intelligence is helping to evolve CCTV solutions

Artificial Intelligence has experienced exponential growth in recent years, and in this technological era, a natural progression into the security and surveillance industry is inevitable.

Maintaining the same high quality image standards, neat design and robust, protective housings, Milesight incorporate the very latest AI surveillance technology in their newly launched AI camera series.

With its accurate recognition capabilities and smart video analytics, the AI series can do so much more than simply see – it can understand.


Say goodbye to laborious monitoring responsibilities and allow the AI to take on the hard work for you. With its real-time people counting capability, this technology makes crowd management and capacity control effortless.

The clever alarm trigger function notifies staff of target movements, including prohibited line crossing and suspicious activity, therefore enhancing operational efficiency and reducing labour costs.


With high-accuracy object recognition, the Milesight AI range is able to identify and distinguish between moving objects, filtering them based on their individual attributes.

The impressive motion detection function knows the difference between humans, cars, animals, and even falling leaves and moving lights.


The protection of assets is the number one objective of any security protocol, which Milesight’s AI CCTV solutions successfully reinforce.

By classifying all moving objects in the scene, this technology helps identify potential loitering, minimises the number of false alarms, and ultimately influences decision making on security management.

Are you ready to be a part of the AI era?

AI products available soon from Acam. Contact us today for more information and demonstrations.

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