Professional CCTV solutions at cost effective prices

What is Prime?

Prime CCTV products have been designed to provide both installers and users with high quality, professional and effective CCTV systems at wallet friendly prices.

Prime HD Systems

HD, or High Definition, is the very latest standard available for the recording of video, via regular coax cable (RG59), at a distance of up to 300 metres, without latency or loss of quality.

With full High Definition image quality and beyond (2MP resolution to 5MP resolution), the technology uses a progressive scan format in signal formation, improving the colour reproduction and making the image a true representation of the camera view whatever the local conditions.

Prime IP Systems

IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV has improved the effectiveness of video security in leaps and bounds compared with standard-definition analogue CCTV equipment. Our IP video surveillance solutions offer the benefit of using IP network cabling which allows for flexible, cost-effective installation, remote video monitoring, improved storage, scalability, and very high definition images up to 12 megapixels.

Prime Platform

All Prime control equipment utilises the same intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface) offering simplicity of installation, and ease of use.

Remote Viewing

All Prime DVR’s and Video Server Recorders come ready enabled for P2P remote access via Smartphone, Tablet, PC and Mac

Pro Remote Apps

Central Management Software

Free of charge, Central Management Software is provided, allowing comprehensive multi-site management, including E-mapping, log and alarm management

Management Software