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New products added to our range of Milesight AI CCTV

If you haven’t heard yet, Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing in the CCTV world, and Milesight are leading the way in developing new products which utilise this modern technology, all in the name of efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The latest two models to join the AI family of CCTV cameras are the super-smart Radar ANPR Pro Bullet, and the compact yet powerful 5MP 3x Zoom Mini Dome.

What is Radar technology and what can it achieve?

Radar uses radio waves to detect objects and determine their characteristics, such as velocity, distance and direction of movement.

In the case of using Radar for CCTV and traffic management, Milesight have incorporated the technology into their products to achieve a 95% accuracy rate on vehicle licence plate recognition, speed capture up to 200km/h and the ability to detect up to 32 vehicles at one time – including the vehicle type and colour.

Not only does this allow for the easy monitoring of high traffic areas to ensure well-managed vehicle flow, but it also aids the authorities in identifying potential hazards including dangerous driving and traffic collisions.

With its sensitive Sony Starvis CMOS sensor, 60 fps frame rate and 12x motorised zoom lens, superior image quality is achieved even in low light environments.

What’s more, the all-in-one design, complete with integrated junction box, makes installation effortless, even in challenging locations.

What is the 5MP Mini Dome capable of?

The discreet and compact Mini Dome camera boasts a powerful zoom capability, maintaining high quality video even at full zoom range.

Measuring in at a modest 108 x 96.5mm, this small but impressive piece of technology is ideal for small spaces and those looking to achieve subtle monitoring, and even has its back box integrated for a neater install.

Its unassuming dimensions, however, don’t impact its ability to operate in ultra-low light, and store up to 256GB via micro-SD card.

As with all AI-enabled cameras, the Mini Dome is able to detect and categorise moving objects, and trigger an alarm for a number of pre-defined events including line crossing and loitering.

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