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A look behind the scenes at Milesight’s Production Centre

Milesight have offered a unique look into their Xiamen-based production centre, providing customers with a better understanding of the procedures that contribute to their industry leading products.

With a company-wide belief of “Quality first”, Milesight guarantee high standards and attention to detail by following strict manufacturing regulations.

This, combined with their experience and professionalism, ensures that every product meets the expectations of their customers in over 100 different countries.

No matter the environment, Milesight surveillance products fulfil their duties as intended, providing customer confidence and lasting quality.


In a clean and professional environment, the Milesight production team carry out meticulous assembly procedures and quality control, ensuring each component of the CCTV equipment is free from dust and maintains its fault-free design.


Every product is exposed to various challenging conditions in order to test it to its full potential. These closely controlled tests not only make sure the products are fit for purpose, but also give Milesight valuable insight into future product development and enhancements.


Final inspections of the Milesight products include visual examinations, image quality tests and air tightness checks. The equipment is then carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery to customers around the world.  

Watch Milesight’s Youtube video for a more detailed look at their impressive production centre.

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